Sunday, October 30, 2011

Summer 2012

Hello Friends!
I've been reflecting and praying about next summer. I spoke to Jennyfer Norvell from Week of Hope Orlando. She has assigned 12 people to come out to Bithlo Summer camp Mon-Thurs. next summer!!! Yea!!!! I doing this again? Still praying...God is so good. We are talking abou this almost daily. I love my Bithlo family. The kids and volunteers have a very sweet place in my heart. So please begin praying with me about next summer.

The one thing I know I will need is another person or two to take the role of Camp director. I've got the notion that if a team directed the camp it would be easier for any one of us to take a day or two off each week. What I want is for there to be consistency in the volunteers so that the children feel comfortable and loved. Our goal is to love them to Jesus!

Please pray about your role. Email me at
I'm believing God!

Janice DellaRocco

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